Submitting to Las Olas Models and Talent, Inc.

1. Photos are an absolute MUST!  Since the creation of the internet, for Las Olas (LOMT), composites have become obsolete, however; we can’t book you without good pictures.  A client will contact our office and tell us what talent they need.  The client will give specific details such as a man or woman, child or teen etc.  We then go through our data base and send pictures that fit their description.  You can’t compete if your photos aren’t as good as your competition.

2.  Photos can be taken by any photographer!  For beginners, we suggest you do your research, check the photographers website for his or her portfolio and ask the photographer specific questions before you start.  How much, how many looks and do I get a digital file of the photos?

3. Email your pictures to  Don’t forget to include a phone number in your email and LOMT will call you or respond to the email.  If you don’t hear from the agency, it may be that your pictures aren’t what LOMT is looking for or may already have too many people in your category.  It definitely doesn’t mean you can’t work or do well with another agency.

4.  Before you submit to any agency, in the State of Florida, check with  Every agency listed on the State of Florida’s website is licensed and bonded – legit!  Also, remember there is never a fee in the State of Florida to be listed with any agency.  The only time an agency gets paid is when you do a job and then the agency gets a percentage.

5.  Las Olas Models & Talent, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years and is considered a lifestyle agency.  We do not charge for composites and no model has paid to be placed on our website.   There are NO costs involved in getting listed with Las Olas.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Las Olas Models & Talent, Inc. or please visit our website and see the photos you need to get listed.

Thank you!